Weekly analytics- Technical crypto analysis based on breakout – Sell Megafon shares now

Sell Megafone shares

Sell Megafon shares now

Technical Observation:

Between september and october last year, Megafon  shares went below a key supportive zone 540.1-529.5, with a big red candle  and is still consolidation below this zone, as long as this zone contains price below it, we expect a possible rally to the lowerside. The idea is to sell this share within 540.1-529.5, with your ideal target at 499.00 and stop loss above 540.1. This view is only useful while the price is below 540.1, if the price should break above 540.1 with a big green candle, then I’ll wait for a pullback to the just broken line to pick a long position with my ideal take profit along the upper trendline

Trade Signal.


Sell megafon shares  within 540.1-529.5 with your target at 499.00.

Buy Brent now

Sell Megafon shares now

Technical Observation:

On 9th January, Brent brokeout above the resistance zone 68.38-67.81 with a big green candle and is still pretty much above it, As long as the price remains above it, this is a potential buy zone, recently,  the price  retraced back to this zone and is not showing any clear signs of breaking below it. If a buy signal can be seen here, (68.38-67.81) then this will be the best place to buy this commodity at the least risk possible. My recommendation is that, traders willing to pick a position on this pair should do so within 68.38-67.81 and take profit at 71.25

Trade Signal:


Buy Brent within 6838.67.81 with your take profit at 71.25.

Bitcoin Still dropping

Sell Megafon shares now

Tecnical Observation

Since later last year, bitcoin has been dropping and is still showing signs of falling even further. few days ago, I forecasted a decline to somewhere below $7000.00. So far, this crypto currency is several dollars to my target. I still expect further decline in price but should be supported by the immediate supportive trendline. The idea is to remain flat and only buy bitcoin upon a bounce from the supportive trendline, or short it on  break below  this trendline. If the price breaks below this trendline, then I expect a decline towards $2922.00 or even lower below $1000.00. So far, I’m still short here until a clear reversal signal is seen.

Trade Signal

Remain short towards $1000.00

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