What’s Going on With Tron?

The cryptocurrency world has been quite rampant with investors and capital flooding in in the past year or so. One of the newest coins to break into the top part of the crypto space is known as Tron. The company reportedly has announced the first beta version of Exodus, scheduled to launch as soon as March 31st. The technical head of Tron, Chen Zhiqiang, stated that this new network will give several other advantages to the existing blockchain systems that are in play. The advantages to this new type of blockchain include improved performance, and over 1,000 transactions per second with extremely low fees.

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These are two of the main aspects of coins that many people look for when looking to invest. With bitcoin, these two aspects are on the lower end of the spectrum. Bitcoin allows for only a few transactions per second, which means that the network is incredibly slow. In addition, bitcoin can charge very high transaction fees. The new launch for the Tron network will include the TRON virtual machine or TVM. This will allow for the development of smart contracts to be implemented into multiple languages including Java, which can then be controlled in a single place.

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The founder of Tron, Justin Sun stated that “First, I would like to express my gratitude to all of you, for your attention and support to TRON and for your trust in our team; and to our developers as well, for their strenuous development work. With unremitting efforts of TRON’s technical team, the test for TRX main network is about to start. The launch of main net this time will be a vital node in TRON’s development history. But this won’t be an end.” The hopes are high that this coin will be able to continue its rise into one of the top coins in the space.

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