Why Raiblocks Decided to Rebrand Itself

The company and coin known as Raiblocks or XRB recently rebranded itself to Nano. The company still remains with the main focus on fee-less transfers, with extremely fast peer to peer transactions. This helps to ensure that the coin will be ahead of the competition. According to the company “Nano is also a cryptocoin designed particularly for small payments.

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In the fiercely competitive crypto market, players need to think out of the box to stay ahead and that perhaps is what RaiBlocks has done. RaiBlocks was circulating only on niche exchanges and has been pursuing its efforts to get listed on exchanges like Binance for some time now.” The companies reveal that they would be listed on the popular trading site Binance, came out of the gate with the result leading to a massive speculative price increase in the coin. “The move appears to have paid off for RaiBlocks since Nano is trading around $19.81 as at the beginning of February, 2018 despite the high level of volatility in the Crypto markets.

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More importantly, Nano has risen to occupy the 16th spot in terms of market capitalization gaining about 38% since listing on Binance.” Compared to other coins in the space, Nano works by using an individual block for each transaction rather than one big blockchain. The result is almost instantaneous transaction time. This is something that has not been seen in the crypto world amongst any coin. Given that the industry is still relatively in its infant stages, only time will tell what happens to coins like Nano. The hopes are that the coins that have presented themselves as almost future-proof, will likely become the ones that are here to stay, adding a high amount of utility and use for investors looking for specific tasks.

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