Woman Booted Off Flight For After Refusing To Leave With Her ‘Emotional Support Squirrel’

The ongoing controversy surrounding passengers’ demands to take their ’emotional support animals’ with them on long flights took a hilarious turn on Tuesday when a woman was forcibly removed from a Frontier Airlines flight after she was told that her “emotional support” squirrel wouldn’t be allowed on board.

Passengers were forced to deplane from flight 1612 from Orlando, Fla., to Cleveland on Tuesday when the woman refused to obey a request to leave the flight with her squirrel, at which point the airline called the Orlando Police, who escorted the woman off the plane. The woman argued that she included in her reservation notes that she would be traveling with an emotional support animal – though the airline argued that she did NOT indicate that said animal would be a squirrel, according to the Cleveland Fox affiliate. 

Frontier said it doesn’t allow rodents on its fights.

The airline said the passenger noted in her reservation that she was bringing an emotional support animal, but she did not specify that said animal would be a squirrel.

Airlines have been struggling to tighten restrictions on so-called “emotional support animals”, with Delta saying earlier this year that all requests for passengers to travel with ESAs would be “thoroughly vetted” (no pun intended, we think).

Video of the incident is going viral:

Southwest airlines has  banned all ESAs except for emotional support dogs, cats and, oddly enough, miniature horses. Meaning that travelers will need to leave their spiders, snakes and peacocks at home, as the following animals have all been banned from US flights.









And now this guy…



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