U.s. Presidential Election Series: Without Super-Delegates, Democratic Race Likely to have ended in contested Convention

As of now, Democratic front runner, Hillary Clinton is leading with 2240 delegates to Bernie Sanders’ 1473 delegates. Any democratic candidate will have to win 2383 delegates to secure an outright nomination. Mrs. Clinton is very close.  There are still 1052 delegates available for grab from the primaries left and about 160 super-delegates.

If we take super delegates out from Mrs. Clinton’s pocket she is leading Bernie with just 283 delegates. On an average Mrs. Clinton seems to have won just about 55% of the votes, which is not that great. Going by this record she is likely to win another 579 delegates from the ones left.

Which will eventually bring her to 90 to 100 delegates short of the magic number.

So for Democratic race, it is really up to the super-delegates to choose the candidate as this year they have chosen Clinton.

So, unless Bernie can upturn things for him and secure at least 65-70% of the vote share, he doesn’t stand a chance at the convention.

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